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Why Choose a Draftsman vs Architect for your floor plans?

In House Drafting and Design

Custom Home and Commercial Project Design and Build. Floor Plans and Construction Documents. Plans are permit ready.

At LD & B, LLC we are happy to say that we do all our own drafting and design.  Our Draftsman has hands on experience in not only the design of your project but the actual building of the projects.   Having worked in the construction field from foundations, framing, roofing, building and installing cabinets and counter tops, rock work, flooring, painting, sheet rock, and all related trades, our Draftsman knows what fits and what doesn’t.

By listening to your ideas and incorporating them into your design, Letner Design and Build can design what you want at a price much less than an architect can provide.  An architect generally does not have the hands on experience that a draftsman generally has.  Many architects use a draftsman to do the initial drafting due to the draftsman’s knowledge of how things work.   Our draftsman has the schooling and certification to go along with years of hands on experience in the commercial and residential construction field.

We have a working knowledge of Codes and requirements necessary to get the permits necessary to build your project and will provide the city or county authorities with plans that will be approved for permits.

By having a comprehensive knowledge of the trades and how everything comes together in the building process,  we can take those paper plans and your ideas and bring your project to life.   By having field experience, our Draftsman will help you visualize the space that you are creating.

Using a Draftsman vs Architect has great value also.  Our Draftsman can produce a full set of house or commercial floor plans for your review, including the construction documents that pertain to them.  CAD drawings on paper and PDF format are available.

Our services come with huge cost savings compared to an architect as well.  Cost savings is another strong point of the building process that cannot be effectively applied without field knowledge.   We carefully monitor the cost of your project to keep with your budget.

Some of the drafting services we offer:

  • Floor Plans
  • Interior and Exterior Elevations
  • HVAC/Electrical/Floor/Roof Framing/Plumbing Plans
  • Grading and Drainage
  • As-Built Plans
  • Tenant Improvement Plans (TI)
  • Space Planning (future layout)
  • Site / Plot  Plans
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • TOPO & Boundary Surveys
  • Foundation Plans
  • Dimensional Floor Plans
  • Notational Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • Building Section Plans
  • Architectural / Structural  Details
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Fabrication Plans (wood, metal, composite, etc.. )
  • Paper to CAD Files
In House Drafting and Design

In House Drafting and Design, Residential and Commercial